Tomorrow is beautiful…..

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

-Albert Einstein

Off late I have been constantly thinking about my present situation of living on my own and how difficult life is despite the fact I have had all the support from my friends & family for as long as I can possibly remember. This emotional instability was not only affecting the way I worked, but also how I behaved during my personal free time.  I kept thinking how it was impossible to control my emotions (… atleast that’s what we tell ourselves..) and that made me feel even more frustrated and disconnected from everyone that cared and loved me.

My friend calls the above phenomenon as “The Caveman Phenomenon”….. After several interactions with my colleagues and friends, I realized that this was quite common among men and even women who live the corporate life (among people commonly referred to as corporate slaves), who are constantly engrossed in work & not having time for themselves until they get out of their work environment. Hence, it is not surprising that the outcome of such high stress and workload encountered on a daily basis is evidently making us Cavemen!

The Cavemen Phenomenon is depicted quite simply in the way Cavemen behave. The person feels too lazy to socialize, prefers the television over human company, orders take-out instead of going to a restaurant, tries to limit conversation with friends and family to single word responses (yes.. no… hmmm), thinks that his own needs/wants are of primary importance to his survival and most importantly does not believe that the future holds any hope for him whatsoever.

When we refer to ‘living in the moment like there is no tomorrow’, we often forget that tomorrow is always better than today. It is one day closer to achieving your life’s goal, even if you might think you never have one. Each of us has a purpose in this world and sometimes we do not realize the purpose until we reach that point in time when we are going to deliver to the purpose itself. But one thing is for certain that each of us know that we are meant for something great, something that will make a difference to this world, to a person, to a situation or to the way we live our life.

When my friend explained to me how we ruin our present by being the Caveman, it finally struck me…. All along we have been told ‘live in the moment’, ‘make the most of now’, ‘tomorrow never comes’… and due to these subconscious thoughts, we look at the short term benefits rather than focusing on the big picture that brings long term happiness. We have been raised in a world of fast returns to our investments and all we can think about is how quickly we can make things work right now. This attitude has given rise to an inherent behavior of being impatient with every aspect of our life. Whether it is finding the perfect job, the house of our dreams, the desired lifestyle and even true love… We can’t be patient and wait for our dreams to become a reality tomorrow, we want them to happen NOW.

Don’t get me wrong, but I am not trying to undermine the present or not learn from the past. I am trying to emphasize on the spectacular future we can treasure, only if we are patient enough today. I am not saying that we stay blindsided and go with the flow with blind hope that the future will miraculously change. It should indeed be our inherent nature to question every situation we are in and work to make it better, but at the same time, be patient and put in the effort to change any circumstance in our life for the better. And most importantly be happy today and never lose hope that we will be happier tomorrow.


Pack your bags & leave tonight…

” Its better to travel well than to arrive ” -Buddha

A few months back I really wanted to travel around Gujarat, but could never find any company to travel with. Considering that we work in a manufacturing plant that we need to work for 6 days a week, the only day off is spent resting at home. Whenever there would be an off for 2 or more days, all my friends and colleagues would rush to their native towns to spend the time with their families. For the past 2 years, I have been doing the same, but I came to realize that although spending time with your family is probably the most satisfying and peaceful experience one could have, I found it to be quite redundant and was creating lack of new experiences in my otherwise boring life. Truth be told, the only exciting thing I would do in the entire week was go for a movie at the nearby theater and probably grab a bite at a restaurant in the vicinity. So the bottom-line being, my life is sad and I needed to fill it with some new experiences.

I was always passionate about photography & travelling, although I did not do much of either ever since I began working after my post graduation. So I thought to myself, why not catch on to these ‘passions’ and use them to create new experiences in the months to come. So here are 5 things I did to turn my boring life around and make it something I am proud of at this moment…


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1. Loose the inhibitions…

The travel that I was looking for now, was not to a nearby town or city, hence, a lot of inhibitions surfaced. Will I be able to travel long distances and still have the energy to see new places? Will there be situations I would be uncomfortable and seek familiarity? Will I be able to reach my destination on time and with safety? These were all the thoughts running through my head… I can say now that you should not consider any of these or any other inhibitions that might hold you back from travelling.. Keep in mind that its not the arrival at a desired destination but the journey that you traverse along the way that truly creates the experience of a lifetime… If there are situation you are uncomfortable with, its an opportunity for you to know how flexible you can be and how you can adapt to every situation life throws at you..


2. A passion to fall back on…

The thing about long distance travelling is that, surely you are going to encounter some boredom along the way. You counter that by engaging yourself with a hobby that you think makes you happy. For me it was photography and music. A passion for you can be as diverse as painting to trekking to simply writing a blog post. But make sure you do it during the course of your travel, simply because, when you travel, your most inspiring self is woken up from its slumber and you will be quite surprised by how fascinating you can be. Its an opportunity of self discovery which you need to follow through…

3. A companion for the journey…

Now interestingly, I had asked a couple of my friends during the Diwali break whether they would like to go with me on a roadtrip around Gujarat. I did try to make it sound very exciting & adventurous, but I guess due to the boring company that I could be, my friends did not want to risk being ‘pakaoed’ during the trip. ROTFL. So due to whatever reasons, I was left with no-one to do this unplanned trip with. So I had second thoughts as usual, and was on the verge of cancelling the trip. A day before my ‘unplanned’ trip, I spoke to one of my friends who always goes on trip all by himself. He told me one simple thing, “If you get bored at any point during the trip, come back to where you started from”… So I thought to myself, that was a good plan anyway, If within a day of the trip, I feel it is just too tiring or stressful or boring or not enjoyable as I had expected it to be, I would simply turn around back to where I started from. Ofcourse it turned out to be a six day long trip against a planned 3 days :P. Turns out the best company one can have is himself/herself. It is an amazing experience to be by yourself while experiencing new places, food, nature or whatever that makes you happy… Ofcourse having someone you care about with you during these experiences is a different happiness and you want to share with your loved ones. But the experience I am referring to is quite different from that and I would highly recommend you to experience it atleast once in your life. Its quite simply magnificent and has a enigmatic charm which cannot be replicated in any other way.

4. Take the road less traveled…

When we think of travel, we always fancy the famous places that we want to go to. We love the touristy places that we can talk about to our friends and family. But quite interestingly, the places that are probably not on the tourist map, are the locations that are most incredible and peaceful. The most simple reason for it being, since the places are less visited by other tourist, the places are still preserved in its pristine beauty. Apart from this, taking a road less traveled has its own adventure of venturing into the unknown.


5. Plan an unplanned trip…

So as i mentioned before, do plan a trip for a tentative time, but dont keep it fixed. The flexibility of the dates and places you will visit allows a very adventurous trip. The uncertainty of it all creates a mind blowing experience that you could never achieve from a well organised and planned itinerary for a trip. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to travel to a place that you have probably never heard of before. Just shift that gear and take off… Second thoughts will only restrict the experience. A traveler sees what he sees, while a tourist sees what he comes to see… The excitement of it all is in the unknown…

So I finally traveled alone around Gujarat (Ankleshwar to Vadodara to Diu to Gir national park to Somnath to Dwarka to Morbi to Bhuj to The Rann of Kutch to Ankleshwar…It took me 6 days to travel 2500kms around the coast of Gujarat… And trust me when I say.. ” It was trip of a lifetime and I will treasure every single moment I spent on the trip”…

So what are you waiting for… Pack your bags and leave tonight… The road is calling you…







Begin the Begin….

& so it begins again… a fresh new day, to a fresh new year. An opportunity to leave the past behind, a platform to build new beginnings, a new land to conquer, a new person to be… 

Its fascinating really, how each and every one of us long for a fresh start, whether we admit it or not. We want to do things differently this time around. Its extremely hard to resist the chance of a new beginning.

Although most of us tell ourselves that the past year has had its ups and downs, and how its part of life to experience it both ways. But we most definitely regret those troughs. Although these lows that we’ve experienced have paved the way for the highs we have enjoyed and cherished…

Think about it…. every outstanding & happy moment we’ve had, has always been a consequence or outcome of a challenging situation we had to encounter & overcome… Its quite interesting actually, because, as much as we long for that fresh start, we are inspired by the shortcomings of our past…


So we know two thing for sure, we love fresh starts and more importantly they are inspired by the challenges we have seen fit to overcome. But then, why do we realize this and decide to do something about it on the eve or on the first day of the New Year?

Its just a date in the calender. Some decide to start fresh on their birthdays while others have very specific occasions. 

Its not the day on a calender or the new year or the birthday that is of importance…. Its just an event in our lives that gives us hope. Hope that new beginnings are possible, hope that fresh starts are attainable, hope that happy endings don’t just happen on the silver screen and most of all, hope that we can now have a new way of looking at the world and hope that the world will look at us in a new light. Its an event that gives us the opportunity to change for the better, let go of bad habits & sad memories.

But what is really important is that we never stop believing in new beginnings, fresh starts & happy endings. Because beyond all the chaos that life has to offer, every once in a while we find ourselves in that happy place, with that special someone, just being happy. Holding on to that memory, that person, that moment, and believing that those moments will come around sooner or later, are a few things worth holding on to. 

Here’s hoping you hold on to all those happy endings of 2013 & wishing you fresh beginnings to the year 2014…

Make every moment count! 

Moving at a Snail’s pace….

This picture was captured quite a while back. It was in Vellore(TN) at a Fort which I had visited with a very close friend of mine. This is still one of my favorite clicks due to the magnificent message it conveys to me every time I look at it…. & today in this post, I shall share the same with my readers.

Lets first focus on our most elegant element in the picture… The Snail !!…

Snails are one of the earliest known types of animals in the world. There is evidence that they evolved more than 600 million years ago. They are able to adapt to a variety of living conditions and they don’t require large amounts of food. They have been able to continually evolve to survive the conditions around them which many researchers find to be very fascinating.

But what is it that I really admire about this creature…??

It’s the Snail’s patience and persistence to go that extra mile, that I admire the most. Instead of being the kind that would stay in one place and hope for food to come its way, it moves at the fastest pace that it possible can ( which is relatively the speed at which a glacier moves — Very very slow!!)… It puts itself through a lot of pain trailing across a rough terrain with its soft and tender body….but the level of consistency it displays with great patience, persistence and perseverance, is simply commendable!…

We face several challenges on a daily basis. Some of them are resolved in a jiffy, while others take a considerable amount of effort from our end. This creates an extreme amount of mental stress that blurs our judgment of seeing the macro picture of the end result. In such times of highly competitive work culture, we need to deliver results in a short period of time. And when we stumble upon hurdles that delay our process of delivering these results, we get impatient and take drastic steps to achieve these targets. The path that we choose happens to be the easiest way known to us, but possibly not the most acceptable & righteous one.

The stones pricking the Snail’s tender body makes me reflect the number of times we feel like giving up cause we can’t go on. We find ourselves in a position which seems that we would have to bare eternal pain. The terrain ahead of us doesn’t seem to improve and there is no turning back and finding a different way. Maybe we needed to go that one extra mile to find ourselves in a much more comfortable situation. Maybe we needed to hang on a little longer. Maybe giving up was the easiest way out. But won’t we regret not accomplishing the task at hand in the days to come. Isn’t the feeling of failure far worse than the pain we might temporarily have to bare. Isn’t the success we can achieve always worth fighting for.

What is it that we can learn from a Snail’s behavior? Although it is one of those creatures that is right at the bottom of the food chain, it still survives and depicts a great deal of patience & determination. So even if we happen to be at the lower most level in the organization, we still can be admired for our determination and passion to achieve the tasks we thought were difficult to complete. As you might know, with every improbable/ difficult task comes an opportunity to shine. Make others stop and ponder about the level of passion you can bring to the table, your potential that they most probably overlooked all this time & most importantly your will to achieve the improbable if not the impossible.

Wind against my face…. Road-trip to Surat !!

In my previous post, I mentioned about the Road-trips I managed to sneak by, inspite of my extremely busy work schedule. Ever since I have come to Ankleshwar, I have never had even an entire Sunday off as something keeps coming up at my place of work, and I have to attend to it especially on a Sunday as the rest of the days are too hectic to accommodate anything else! But don’t get me wrong, I dont have to be at my workplace for the whole day. But the few hours that I have to go to work, ruins all plans that I could have possibly made on this Sunday!

Then there was a sunday like any other…. except this one was different!… A blessing in disguise!…. I had to report to work like any other weekday and be in office for the entire day!… why is this a good thing?… well because, if I am present at work for the entire sunday, I am eligible to take a compensation off ( essentially a paid holiday) within the next 3 days!… Now comes the tricky part!… what do I do by taking an off on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday???… Everyone else is working… so can’t really hang out with anyone!! 😦

So I just thought ill take a day off and sleep!!…. But the stupid alarm in my head doesnt allow me to sleep past 9am however late I’ve slept on the previous day…. 😛 … So I woke up on this wednesday morning!…nothing to do!…. quite bored for the first 10mins!…. nothing really to look forward to 😦

& then it struck me!! …. See the thing is, I’ve been wanting to buy a phone for quite some time now!… and decide that I’d buy it after I get my first salary… & it just happened so, that I had got my salary 2 days prior!… Now the phone that I wanted to buy was available at only 2 places in entire Gujarat!…(atleast legally i suppose!)… Surat & Ahemdabad!… So I just like that, I decided at the spur of the moment that I’d ride down to Ahmedabad with my TVS Apache 150 that I had recently asked to be sent by road transport from Goa and the bike had been delivered just 3-4 days back!…. so it was all timing I suppose…..

So I started off!…with just my helmet and the keys of my bike!… The weather seemed perfect!….but after riding a while it started to drizzle a little… Now you have to understand something!….when you are riding on an expressway at 90-100kms/hr with nothing but wind in your face, EVEN the slightest of drizzling can cause you a lot of pain! 😛 … So I stopped for a while at a nearby petrol pump… It stopped raining in just about 10mins or so….& then I continued the 70km journey that lay ahead of me.

The expressway is simply amazing… the wide open roads are make you feel so much in control!… But if you are riding alone, make sure that you ride at a safe distance from the rest of the vehicles especially the 16 toner trucks and trailers!… But I must accept, riding alone does give you a whole new thrill, & one must experience it sometime or another….

So after a 40km stretch on the expressway, I had to take a different route in order to reach Surat!.. Stopped for a hot cup of ‘chai’ and got back on the road in 10mins!… I reached Surat!… the people were very helpful and guided me to theAirtel store I was looking for. Yes, I was looking for the Airtel store because I wanted to buy a phone!… A phone which is currently sold in India by only 2 service providers – Airtel & Aircel. Ever since the time I’ve seen this phone I’ve been mesmerized by its beauty and have always been awestruck by the very thought of owning it. yup!…. I got the Apple iPhone 4 😉

So I had to celebrate somehow… with no one I currently know in surat, it kinda was obvious that I will have to celebrate alone!… So I decided to go for a movie, looked up the nearest Fame multiplex and booked tickets for ‘Pyaar ka Pachnama‘. Had some free time before the show, so had a quick bite at the McD there. You have to understand that, after living in a place like chennai for 2 years and getting used to all sorts of fast food joints, you tend to believe its a part of your lifestyle. But then when you are posted in a place like Ankleshwar, where the only fast food you can avail is the roadside pav-bhaji or dabeli-pav, you feel that you are missing out on the good life!… But atleast for me, Ankleshwar has been a blessing in disguise!…most of my close friends will know why 😛

Anyways, so the movie was not one of the best I’ve watched, but I survived the ordeal as I had booked the ultra luxury tickets which provided me with an awesome reclining couch & a personal butler!… lol … It sounds really odd rite…But trust me, it isnt…. its nice to be pampered once in a while 🙂

After the movie I rode back & stopped on the way to click some snap shots that I felt were worth clicking and sharing 🙂

From Goa to Ankleshwar !!!

This is my first post, ever since the time I have come to Ankleshwar,Gujarat (which btw is a month back!!) and I hope I do justice to the place considering that I have experienced very little of this place so far…. but then again, there is very little to experience here anyway 😛

Considering that I am somehow managing to squeeze some time out of my extremely busy hours here I am proud to have already made two road trips possible!…but more of that in my next posts…Here are a few facts about Ankleshwar for all those who are curious to know about the kind of place I have landed up at 😉 :
a. Ankleshwar is a typical industrial town
b. Not really best place to be if you have a severe craving for non vegetarian food or booze( not that I am one them)
c. Extremely bad place to be if you are one of those blokes who seek for a social life
d. Extremely hot in summers and has rained just once since the time I’ve been here
e. The nearest movie theatre is 17kms away, and the few English movies screened there are dubbed in Hindi 😛 (e.g. “Pirates of the Caribbean- on stranger tides” was called “Samundar ke Lutere-ek gehra rahasya” at the Inox theatre here!)
f. The nearest big cities are Surat & Baroda (70kms & 88kms away respectively)…. & Ahmedabad is 200kms from here! The connectivity by road is simply awesome through the Mumbai – Ahmedabad super highway. The western railway has a lot of trains running across the region.
g. Ohhh… And did I forget to mention that Ankleshwar happens to be the most polluted city in South Asia!!!!

So that’s all about ankleshwar …

I am not quite sure whether I am loving it here or whether I am just one of those blokes who doesn’t complain too much…
The only thing I truly miss here are my friends… Would do just about anything to hang out with them right this moment… 😦

Bridging the gap!

The above picture was taken at the Botanical Garden in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The ants striking a conversation on a log of wood caught my attention and I was fortunate enough to have the time to take out my camera, set it to the macro mode and freeze this moment to let me wonder what that intriguing conversation was all about 😉
I am sure that all of us have reached a point in our lives that we have thought of giving up on something that we thought was either not worth fighting for or something that brought only failure in spite of trying to get it right over and over again. These my friend, are what I like to call ‘Cracks’, that keep most of us from achieving our long desired goals. These goals could be of our work life, love, passions, etc
Now, the real problem isn’t how deep that crack goes! Because no matter what, we don’t want to go to that deep crest and try climbing back up again. It’s simply too much time consuming and depressing. Although it is necessary to gauge how deep the crack is because it’s just a way to prepare ourselves for the worst!
So what are our options here? Well, the last on the list, which most of us choose today is, the one to move backwards; retreat; accept defeat!!! It’s worth nothing, because it is indeed an option. Accepting that something is not worth moving forward for, can sometimes be the best decision and the most viable option. It becomes extremely difficult for some of us to choose this option even if it is the best one because we find it to have a dampening effect on our reputation of ‘always winning no matter what!’… Don’t get me wrong, its a great attitude to have…But not always!
Our second option would be to find a way around the crack that separates us from our goals!.. It’s an option worth exploring…But not investing too much time doing this because we end up losing sight of our true goals and drift away in a direction we never wanted to go in the first place. In the process of finding a way around our problems we might end up telling ourselves that the path we have chosen right now is just temporary. Be very weary of this situation because it doesn’t take long for you to lose complete focus of your goal! Always keep in mind what you really wanted at the beginning of this journey and no matter what you came across and what you were faced with during, you still need to strive towards that one point you’ve always wanted to eventually reach!
Our final and third option is taking that leap of faith and plunging across the crack! Yes! I know its something a tad too risky…but if you are truly passionate about something, you will make that jump! … If you want to check whether you are truly passionate about your goal! Ask yourself whether you can risk it all and take that plunge? … The stakes are indeed high… I mean, you could find yourself falling down that crack if you ever doubt your ability to make it through to the other side…. You should & will give it your best shot with the right amount of dedication & passion that drives you! …
The bonus of taking that plunge is that your near and dear one’s will always support you and stand by you… and this motivation reduces that distance between the two ends and bridges the unimaginable to the achievable…
Just the other day, my good friend Ms. B told me that she loved the way I write about my clicks and how she has never seen anyone else do it the way I do… this came at a time when I was completely uninspired and doubted whether it was of any use to continue doing what I did…blogging about my clicks… yes indeed I took a huge plunge when I started this blog because I wasn’t very sure whether it would work or would my readers find it enjoyable… But just one line of encouragement from one of my reader was sufficient to get me going and write this post!
So every time you feel that something is worthy of appreciation…go ahead and appreciate it…It might just motivate someone and bridge the gap towards achieving his goal! You have nothing to lose in the process, in fact you will end up being proud that you played a vital role in that persons success 
And just in case all you guys are wondering what the ‘ant chat’ signifies… well it only depicts that we will always have friends who we can consult to weigh the pros and cons before choosing our options… Although we might think that we are better off deciding something for ourselves on our own… It’s always worthwhile to get a second opinion from someone you can truly trust… 😉

Taking Shape

The picture on the left was taken in the forests of Conoor, Tamil Nadu. Conoor is an extremely splendid Hill station located on the way to Ooty from Coimbatore.
I am absolutely certain that you would have definitely seen an image such as this one before. But I am also sure that you, wouldn’t have looked deeper into what message you could grasp from it….
Right from the time we have been born, we have been taught to behave or think in a manner desired by all.  It’s what we all call ‘nurture’. All of us are put through this rigorous training program that we have to undergo until a point we lose our identity within the so called society. I know that those were pretty bold statements to make considering that most of you disagree as you think that you have your unique identities intact and not shaken or manipulated by the society at large. Its human nature to think that we are all unique and have our own personalities that govern our actions and the decisions that we take…. But is it really so?… Do we behave and act in a way that we want to?…or is it because we have to?…. Don’t all of us portray an image of ourselves and act accordingly, only to seek approval from the society at large… Like it or not, we have all acquired the ‘herd mentality’ and have been subconsciously made to believe that its ok to be that way, because everyone else is that way…Another ‘losing your identity in the crowd’ gimmick!
Like a carpenter shapes a log of wood; the society does shape us into what we need to be….But is this the right path that will lead us to a better tomorrow?…. The carpenter has his own future vision of how the log of wood must take shape…This vision could be wrong, no matter how experienced the carpenter is… In the same way, our society takes shape by the views & opinions of some extremely influential, expressive and sometimes manipulative individuals. These could be politicians, social workers, media persons or a marketer of a product. Indeed these individuals or corporations have the platforms to influence the thought of a mass community, but should we allow them to make us think and behave in ways that we don’t want to?….
We believe in a democratic & free society, with the freedom to speech & thought. But what is really important is that we develop the courage to exercise these rights. The society should be a means by which we learn about how things currently work and how people behave to situations posed to them. However the end actions & decisions should be our own!
Just like a seed sown into the soil, which grows into a big tree; we need to take in the necessary minerals from our surrounding soil, absorb the sunlight to nourish ourselves, but grow using our own chlorophyll in the direction we think is best suited for our growth. Only when we believe in ourselves & decide to be the carpenters of our own lives, only then will there be a true growth within us and the society at large. Don’t leave the chisel in someone else’s hands. Start taking control of your life, the confidence and courage will follow with time.

“You are my best friend!!….But she is too….” ;)

I must admit…this picture & the contents of this post are both inspired from my very close friend…Lets call her Ms. S…. She made me think deeper into a general philosophy most of us have….

So the credit to this picture goes to Ms. S…who asked me to click this picture because she was pretty much fascinated by the little hearts biscuits… Surprisingly, the message in the picture didn’t come to me right away….But just a few days later, when i was having this chat with Ms. S regarding the soon to be published yearbook & what each of us had written about the other, the hidden message simply emerged out of this picture…

Well it goes like this….

Me: So Ms. S!….I was really touched about the fact that you said I was your ‘Best Friend’ in the yearbook manuscript…

Ms. S: Ohh really…jeez….that’s sweet… But don’t be too flattered :P…. I said that about Ms. N too…

Me: Jerk!!…. & here I was thinking I was your Only Best Friend…. L

Ms. S: [smiles]….awww teddy….. 😉 But you are my only Best friend!!

As simple as this conversation seems, it is something most of us have innately discovered & have had conflicted ideas about from a very long time now….

Do we really have ONE Best Friend?….is it possible to have ONE Best Friend??….Maybe!…. but on what grounds do we evaluate this best friend as compared to the rest of the friends that we have….

Is it the number of times we have had a laugh with them….or is it the number of times our friend has wiped our tears and cheered us up when we were down….

I know most of you would argue saying, “we just know when its our best friend”…. do we really?….

How many of us have actually forgotten about the person who wiped our tears when we cried, as soon as we get a person who made us laugh for a few seconds….

Its not something we have to blame ourselves for, entirely….its probably our subconscious that tricks us most of the times….we get carried away by the moment…. & forget all about the things our friends have done for us all along the way…. As a very close friend of mine, Ms. T says, “Just because you have had a few conflicts in the recent times with your close friends….It doesn’t erase all the good times you have had with the same friends at one point of time…. & you will always owe those splendid memories to them, and nobody can replace those moments no matter what happens henceforth”…

So the picture shows a lot of little hearts….some sweeter than the other…. some bigger, some smaller…. But they all are the sweet little hearts that will sweeten your taste…. there wont be one sweet heart you will cherish forever or consider to be your best sweet heart…..But you will always know that each one of them bought a sweet flavour to your life in times when you needed them the most…perhaps you have forgotten about each of those instances…but deep down within, you will always know that you have made a friend for life…. & isn’t that all that matters?….  🙂

To let your hair down,or not?

Its been quite a while since I have had a few decent clicks to post about…. Its a little unjustified considering that I have had loads of free time in my last term of MBA… Just another 22 days to go and I would be no longer a student (so to speak)…. As much as I am sad about the fact that I would be bidding farewell to all my dear friends, I am thrilled & excited to discover what awaits me in the corporate ocean….Today’s picture & post is dedicated to the uncertain future that awaits all of us….

The above picture was captured while I was travelling from this really remote village in Tamil Nadu; Acharapakkam to the Chennai city. It was a sight you just can’t miss, with the suns rays glittering across the backwaters of this splendid landscape…

The mountains at the distance only add to the scenic splendour of this marvellous sight. The mountains in the distance show us how, in life, not everything is even & standard…. Along the way there would be ups & downs…& we might just have to climb those steep slopes while finding the right way amidst the tight hair pin bends…. We were never told that life would be easy… But almost always we have foreseen the hurdles much before we approach them… & its ultimately up to us to prepare for the same…. engage that higher gear & gain some speed, to make that climb easier than it would have been….

When I say ‘The uncertain future that awaits us’….well, we all know that is just a figure of speech that we commonly use…. the real truth is that we have always had an idea of how things are going to turn out….& we have been given enough time to either avoid the hurdle…..or when it is unavoidable, we have enough time to brace ourselves for the damaging impact…

Of course there are always exceptions too… when perhaps, we come across a hurdle and strike it without knowing what hit us…. i call these accidents in our lives when perhaps we haven’t been alert enough to observe our surroundings….when we have taken life a tad too easy…. Its ok to let your hair down maybe a couple of times…. But having a control over oneself in times like these would make the difference between people taking advantage of you when you are vulnerable or not!

So friends, don’t let your guard down & don’t let your emotions fool you in times when you think you are safe…. because these are exactly the times you will be getting into deep trouble… Have fun, enjoy life, make loads of friends, share a laugh and smile whenever you can…. But always…& I mean ALWAYS….keep your emotions in check….. 🙂